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Sprinkle Spells - The Journey Begins

Letters, journal entries, and drawings by Sprinkle, my Dungeon World Gnome Illusionist.


Hi Mamaaaa!~~~

Ethel gave us our first ever mission as junior Fuu Fighters! We’re going to a place called Plaguewater Isle. There’s a thieves guild called The Voldorians (I think that’s the right spelling) and they’re experts at stealing small items.

I’m guessing they are also proooobaby small. Judging by their name VOL(E)dorians I’m gonna say they are mice of some sort!

We’re using Wilhelm’s family’s ship, the SS Sugarsnap, to travel and we each got to pick our own place to stay. I picked to be up in the crow’s nest. I told everyone else it was because I liked looking at the clouds, which isn’t a 100% a lie, but really it’s because I don’t like the engine that runs Wilhem’s ship. Gazzledraem stinks and is skeevy and I want to be as far away from him as possible. I’m worried he is very sick and needs help but I don’t want to say anything because it’s not my ship.

I’m pretty nervous about this mission...I barely made it through the junior Fuu exams and those were just exams not the real world. @.@ I’m glad I have the teammates I do. At least Wilhelm he knows what he’s doing and has a really cool cat friend named Chuck, Grease is strong and not afraid, and Dwirwin knows how to make useful things and keeps Grease operational although I question if his methods are truly mechanical in nature… Do robots need moist lips? Do robots usually have lips???

Anyway, compared to them I’m so small and my magic seems so weak. I’m not sure how I’ll be helpful. At this point I’m just trying to not let you or Zinni down.

💖 Love, ✨Sprinkle✨

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