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Lira - Vezz Vignette

A vignette I wrote and performed for my Blades in the Dark character Vezz about his gambling rival. You can listen to it here.


In life you win some, you lose some.

There’s a rhythm to how the tides of luck flow.

I’ve been in a low tide for too long, waiting for the turn.

It should have by now, but someone has screwed with the flow.

I blame Lira.

I’m not a competitive goblin. I have nothing to prove against others.

I challenge myself only when I want to be challenged and I know where and when to push.

But this thorn in my side named LIRA, keeps needling into me deeper and deeper.

She showed up 8 months ago, playing under the Dragons. Small time player.

Not much to note. Didn’t see her often.

But now she’s in every parlor. At every table. Winning off of my discards left and right.

She’s the reason I lost Ig. You know how hard it is to train a badger? Lords, she was a good pet too. Vicious little thing.

t’s Lira’s fault I’m in as deep as I’m in. I don’t know what her deal is, why the hell she’s always nipping at my heels-- Hold on... I swear to the High Chieftain, if Beryl is a pitting her against me on god damn purpose….

Screw this! I’m not losing to them again.

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