I'm an illustrator & graphic designer who loves instructional & UX design.

I’m a co-owner of the Geekspecitve podcast network where I’m a cast member on Tales

from Mauxferry, the game master on Shapeshift, and the co-host of a Magic: the Gathering Talk Show Red Mage Blue Mage


I write and present panels for various conventions with instructional topics such as “Designing Better Character Sheets” and “Making Better RPG Characters.”

When I'm not playing TTRPGS, I'm losing lots of Magic the Gathering games, knitting, or

thinking about goblins.

Pronouns: She/Her

Current Favorite TTRPG: Ryuutama

Current Favorite Board Game: Bargain Quest 

TTRPG Experience: GMing for 2 years and playing since 2008

Design Experience: 10+ years in the industry

Academic Degrees: 

MS of Instructional Design & Technology

BS of Graphic Design Valedictorian

AAS of Visual Communication Cum Laude 

Certifications: UX Certified by NN/g

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