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The Loneliest Number - Blundy Vignette

A vignette I wrote for a Blades in the Dark NPC named Blundy performed by the GM, Josh.

You can listen to it here.


When I was 4, I told my father I wanted to raise water buffalo and he said “Blunderbuss Corey Scrimshank Bildoor, you ain’t never gonna do such a ridiculous thing. You are small, weak, and dumb.”

Well, I showed him. I’m doing it. But I didn’t realize what a lonely path it would be dedicating yourself to your dream.

I’m lonely here in Bo-At town. It's funny, (heh) cuz I’m surrounded by life but I feel so utterly isolated.

Maybe that’s part of my own doin’. Maybe I’m afraid to connect with someone else.

Afraid to be thought of as dumb and weak.

Silly right? I’m doin’ good. I’ve got big hands and a corn cob pipe!

AND I have my business. I care about these water buffalo a whole heck of a lot. They’re a majestic creature. Gentle yet powerful.

I feel a kinship with them and they get me. They understand me.

They're everythin’ to me. My entire life revolves around them. I honestly have no idea what I would do without them.

I wake up. Eat 18 eggs. Tend to my herd. Eat 18 more eggs. And then I read my furry children a good night story, kiss each of them on their heads, and sing them to sleep.

It’s a good life. But still my mind wanders.

When will I find someone read me a story. Kiss me gently on my forehead. And sing me to sleep?

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