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The Hunt - Vezz Vignette

A vignette I wrote and performed for my Blades in the Dark character Vezz, a goblin Hound.

You can listen to it here.


I’m a hunter. It’s my job. My family’s way for a long long long time.

The trick to great hunting is patience. Find a spot, hide, wait.

Then, when prey comes, STRIKE and end it before it know what’s hit ‘em.

Trouble I have, prey started hunting me.


So I change. Changing self when needed is another important skill for hunting.

I hunt different prey these days for different purpose.

At first, it seemed harmless.

Mahjong’s only a game and it came with promise of low risk and high reward.

Or so I thought.

I found the hunt in it and the hunt, it, well… it’s what’s the word... enchanting.

You hunt the same way at table. Find a spot, hide, wait. And when prey you want shows, strike.

Much like in normal hunt, there are good days and there are bad.

The good days are not as much anymore. I owe too much coin to too many people.

I can’t leave now. I know if I score a large prey, I can redeem myself.

My family will see this success and come back to me.

I’m caught in a snare and the only way to escape is play more and win.

Being trapped is no good. A trapped goblin is a dangerous and unpredictable thing.

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