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Character Profile - Spritz “Sprinkle” Fizzlepip

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I play in an ongoing Dungeon World campaign run by Volfmyr which is not being recorded for anything. It's my "non-content" producing game where I don't have to worry about coughs, burps, and slurring my words so much.

The character I play is a very small gnome boy named Sprinkle who is becoming an Illusionist. So without further ado, here he is:

Spritz "Sprinkle" Fizzlepip

  • Young and optimistic.

  • Gnomes seek new experience.

  • <10 inches tall.

  • Cobbler in-training.

  • Obsessed with shoes and candy.

  • Optimistic, easily delighted, indefatigable.

Current Goal(s)

  1. Make his mentor and mother proud and become a great wizard.

  2. Visit Taffy Island and meet Billy Bonka.

  3. Get better at making shoes >...>;;; and help his mother’s business.


  1. If Sprinkle doesn’t know or understand something, he will ask at least 1 question.

  2. When he sees a pair of good shoes, he will inspect them; even if they are being worn. (He’ll ask of course he's not ENTIRELY rude.)

  3. If Sprinkle catches wind of a candy he's never heard of, he'll go to great lengths to get it.

  4. If Sprinkle gets put on the spot, he will start to sweat profusely and get increasingly nervous, stammer, and divert to others.


  1. Candy is pure joy made physical.

  2. Taffy Island is an amazing and wondrous place filled with happiness and joy and it’s also where Billy Bonka lives.

  3. There is a right pair of shoes for every situation and they should sparkle.

  4. Zini was the kindest and greatest wizard, the most powerful! How could she have died? :C

  5. If he doesn’t get better at making shoes, his mom’s business will fail. Magic will surely help!

Q: Who was the Fu Fighter wizard you served? What was your relationship to them?

Zinnia “Zini” Cloudswift. MASTER ILLUSIONIST! Race: Human. Gender: Female. Age: 53. Sprinkle’s family business cobbled wizard shoes. Zini was a patron. Over time she noticed that Sprinkle had a knack for wielding magic and took him under her wing.

Q: What was special about the boots you cobbled for the wizard before they died?

Pass without Trace or Color Spray hmmmmmm???????? WHY NOT BOTH!!!! To activate Pw/oT, need to Cha Cha Real Smooth … To activate CS, have to Floss??? (JK i don’t know yet) THIGH HIGHS. Refashioned out of her great grandfather’s “madre” material cloak. They sparkle ;)

Q: What’s your favorite candy in the whole world?

HOW CAN YOU LIMIT IT TO JUST ONE!!!!!!! Hard candy is where it’s at though. Super Confetti Bombs!! I make it a game to see how long I can go before I crunch them!

Candies: Sugarfigs | Strawjellies | Kaledowhipped Merries | Dimdums | Snickety Rickets | Sourmallows | Jibble Wibbles | Gingies | Squirmies

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